The clinical diagnostic interview is the first part of a neuropsychological evaluation. It gives an opportunity to talk about an individual’s current concerns, medical history, developmental and educational history, and many more topics that are diagnostically relevant. Because the topics I cover pertain to a really wide range of issues, I get the opportunity to hear thumbnail sketches of people’s lives.

At this point in my career I estimate that I’ve listened to more than 2,500 life stories. I’ve heard some really funny family stories. Sometimes people weep. Sometimes there’s anger and sadness. Sometimes people share stories of reconciliation and peace. No two life stories are the same even if the presenting symptoms are similar. The honor of listening to one life story after another isn’t lost on me. It’s one of my favorite things about being a neuropsychologist.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll have contributions on this blog from Drs. Richards and Novitski. We’ll have guest contributions from other providers in the community. We hope you’ll enjoy the blog and our new website.